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Spring has Arrived at Three Pines View!

Andrew and I relocated from Idaho and purchased Three Pines View for many reasons, one of which was to escape the cold and long winters of Idaho.  If you have ever lived in Idaho (or just about any northern state), you know that the winters can be long and dreary.  When March arrived, mother nature would tease you with a little warm weather and then blast you with cold again.  The weather was very unpredictable thru May and sometimes it would get cold into June (snowed one year on June 11 and September 11--it was a short summer that year). 

Although we have experienced the worst winter in years here in South Carolina, it is still much warmer and predicable.  We love the 70 degree temperatures and went into a funk last week when the cold and rain returned for a few days.  We are now ready for a longer warm stretch!

Spring brings flowers in bloom, gardening and spending quality time outdoors.  Sunday we cleaned the kayaks and got them ready for use.  We plan on even heading to Lake Jocassee for a trial run this week.  Wish me luck on not falling into the water--the water temperature is 63 degrees! eek!

The garden is now a work in progress.  I started planting a couple of weeks ago which was too soon for tomatoes, I found out.  They froze last week so I am starting over.  Luckily I had some tomatoes started in the greenhouse that I had not yet planted. 

As always, we welcome you to visit Three Pines View and share in the relaxing yet luxurious accommodations.

Sharon Conkey 

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